Welcome Back PSN: The Winners

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Last week's contest asked you to present an allegorical illustration for the glory of PlayStation Network's return, after an agonizing 23-day outage. We ended up with one of our most-entered contests of the past four months. There are 20 finalists, but aren't all of us the winners here?


stae60 (17) and symbology (18) start us off with simple expressions of victory. Dayvie (6) had the best submission of many to use this scene from Pulp Fiction. GiantBoyDetective (9) risks the wrath of Bill Watterson's freelance copyright police. I probably do, too, they always send me emails whenever we use something he drew. DEC1MUS (7) caused some controversy with his base image. I think it's well done and I don't find it to be disrespectful at all. In it goes.

El_Rey (8) was another victim of our fucked-up image uploads. It's too bad, because the choice of this scene from Sixteen Candles was perfect. Lemon_Nibs (13) also picked a beautiful celebration from an 80s cult classic.

mrjoeyyaya (15) gave us Kevin Butler, VP of Ground-N-Pound. Give those assholes one for me, too, KB. And Syxx (19), well, no caption necessary.

A's for effort: Cygnus_Mal (5) required an unbelievable number of layers for the national celebration of PSN's return. AXBHikaru (3) was perhaps our most prolific submitter; I liked his Okami homage best.

The best of the best: Goldfuzzy (10) delivered the best movie poster. a316sob (1) delivered the best movie scene. But I knew as soon as I saw McDung (14) and Michael Jordan tearfully hugging the PSN trophy, we had our winner. A winning blend of humor, victory and catharsis.

Congrats to all who made the final 20, and we'll have another contest here tomorrow.


D'oh! I completely procrastinated at getting my entry submitted! (seriously, I had it done like, since it was announced) >_<

Although, now that I look at it, I guess it wasn't exactly.. 'enthusiastic' about the PSN anyways...

(but, I have been feeling much more appreciative since I heard we might be getting free games)