Weeks 3 Days 18 Hours 12 Minutes 32 Seconds to Watch Every PewDiePie Video

Every time I look at the stats for PewDiePie's YouTube channel I'm blown away. Most of the numbers I use for this blog are so large they defy comprehension, but here we have one man with almost as many views as there are humans on the planet. Just last week he crossed the mark for 30 million subscribers, and he's definitely earned them. If you were to try and watch every video of his at once, it'd take you 2 weeks, 3 days, 18 hours, 12 minutes and 32 seconds. And he's just one guy. Video-heavy game site Giant Bomb has produced more than 9 weeks of content, but they have an entire team of people cranking that stuff out almost constantly.

Just for fun, here's a few more mind-boggling PewDiePie stats:

  • Humanity has collectively spent 147,860 YEARS watching his content. That's how long it's been since people became people.
  • You could circumnavigate the planet 54,400,651,200 times in that span, or make it to several nearby stars at current rocket speeds.
  • It would take 8 standard 1 TB hard drives to store all of PewDiePie's videos using YouTube's compression.

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Image Credit: YouTube Compare

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