It's Monday morning, and the Nintendo Wii downloadables delivery van is making its weekly rounds with a mix of alpine sports adventure, space-filling puzzles, and yet another installment of brazen blue hedgehog.

Mixing things up today, we'll kick things off with the solo Virtual Console title dropping this week, Sonic Chaos for the Sega Master System (500 Wii Points). Dr. Eggman's motivations have never been so clear; he's using a Red Chaos Emerald to make weapons of mass destruction, I assume in order to destroy...masses? Somehow this results in Sonic's home of South Island sinking into the sea with nay a missile fired, and it's up to the titular hedgehog and his mutant fox pal Tails to save the day. We're really scraping the bottom of the Sonic barrel now kids.

As for new titles, this week sees the release of two very different games on Nintendo's WiiWare service. For the more action-oriented, we have Hudson's Snowboard Riot (1,000 Wii Points), a snowboarding title with online play, compatible with the Wii Balance Board accessory. For those of you who'd rather just sit and think for awhile, Nintendo itself delivers LOPNOS (800 Wii Points), a puzzle game that challenges players to fill-in a rectangular playing field using an assortment of shaped pieces, sort of like an angular jigsaw puzzle. Exciting.

So, anything look good to you folks, or is this one of those weeks where you'll just let your Wii Points ride?