Weekend Timewaster: Elevator Fart, the Game

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The great thing about working weekends is I can blast gas with impunity in the Kotaku Tower elevator, and then on Monday when the car smells like Donkey Kong's taint, Fahey gets blamed for it once Crecente comes in.

Here's a delightful little flash game that trivializes a serious problem faced by millions of Americans - the need to fart on a long elevator ride. You're accompanied by the most clueless olfactory-impaired elevator attendant ever, as every one I've ever ridden with could detect the presence of fart in concentrations as small as one poot particle per billion.

I get to about seven floors and 21,000 points before I either rip enough ass that the bellman notices or I crap my pants (that is the implied ending, I believe.) Anyone have any protips? Besides, you know, taking the stairs?


Oh, and let me tell you what else is hilarious - crop dusting Plunkett. That guy always pins it on McWhertor.

Elevator Fart [GamesGames]

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I would fart anywhere at anytime. Holding in farts is painful.

Plus, it's hilarious to look at other people's faces when they smell a "Silent But Deadly" especially when you look like you didn't actually pull that one off.

Also, as for a protip, slide it to the right until you see a question mark, release, and then put it back when it's all clear. I made it to floor 50 that way with 126,000 points maybe.