Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Memdependabor Day Eve Edition

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This year we had all three barbecue holidays in the U.S. fall on a Monday. Guess who's already off on Mondays?! That would be me. Alas. But it is Sunday morning, which means to thine own selves, be talking.


Big thanks to Brian H. May for his Fanboy Wars TAYpic submission. Want to be featured in TAY? 'Shop up one and submit it #TAYpics. The image to use, and other instructions, is in this thread.

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Okay, how about some Deus Ex talk?

Got the game on Friday morning, killed two bosses so far, and I'm probably at about ~60% of the campaign. How are you guys playing it? I started right off with hardest setting, so action became a quick no-go, I'm going non-lethal stealth with rifle, and became pretty damn good at it.


I'm near that Malik moment in China, where she's under attack. She got killed at first, but after like 10 tries I saved her. Did you?


And last one, what are your overall thoughts on the game? So far, I think it's amazing. Only things that I don't like are facial animations, bosses, and controls are weird and hard to get used to at first.