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Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves: Aunt Beru Shot First Edition

Illustration for article titled Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves: Aunt Beru Shot First Edition

Well, we not only ran out of TAYpics, we don't even have a new TAYpic for your to manipulate. That means I get to whip out one of my favorite TAY images, a warm scene of hearth and home. A very warm scene.


Uncle Owen is moving a bit slow this morning. Some folks showed up last night and didn't bother to ride single file to hide their numbers. So amuse yourselves with morning conversation while I get the coffee on and get the site ready.

Want to be a TAY all star? Sorry, I have no information on how to do that right now. You can go to #TAYpics and suggest an image to screw around with, preferably one drawn by someone dead so he won't sue us. Whatever ends up as October's TAYpic will likely be sorted out tomorrow morning though.


You can contact Owen Good, the author of this post, at You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, and lurking around our #tips page.

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What are some good soundtracks from games. I have portal 2, machinarium, revenge of the titans, frozen synapse, company of heroes but im looking for more