Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves

Jen on Friday sent out a plea for more TAYpics and Koda89, a veteran of the 'Shop Contest, knows I report for duty the next day, and how eminently publishable I find anything featuring Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt. Thus, your image to start the day.

Unless I'm giving Koda89 too much credit; I dunno. But it works for me, and now you all know the key to my heart. 'Shop up something with Asshole Dog and you're probably looking at TAYpic glory when I run the show.


Anyway, welcome to Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves. I'm your server, Owen Good. Our specials today are roasted talk served amongst yourselves julienne.

To get your TAYpic featured here, be sure to submit your images to #TAYpics. For instructions on how to do a TAYpic, check out this thread.

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