Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! I'll form the head, and you talk amongst yourselves! GO KOTAKU TAY FORCE! Quick, someone hum or beatbox the theme for me.


KindaGamey is the weekend winner of the #taypics derby. There are six chances each week to get your handiwork featured. Just shop up this image and submit it to the #taypics hashtag.

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I finished God of War III last weekend and picked up Dead Rising 2 for my next gaming excursion. But man is that game annoying. I hate that I'm basically playing Scott Pilgrim again (in which I have to grind to get to a decent level to advance the story). So, for those of you that are already playing and/or have beaten it, what's the best way to build PP and increase your speed? Also, anyone have a fast way to make money in the game?