To: Luke From: Owen Re: More Manga Mystery People in my hometown got a shock on their lawns and driveways this morning: Their first local Sunday newspaper. In the worst economic climate print media has ever faced, my Dad and Mike (my first boss out of school) and their investors have gone and done a damn fool thing, add a Sunday edition โ€” The Messenger of Surry County N.C., the nation's newest Sunday morning paper. Some papers bitch and blame unions and fire people and count beans and navel gaze and whine. There are others out there, still a few, who realize you can't win if you don't run. I'm fuckin' proud of my old man. Highlights this week: The Business of 'Avatar Rights' Activision Suing Pirates RIAA Style The Massive GameStop Interview Proto Man Playable via DLC Fun with FUD: Warcraft Helpin' th' Terrists? On Gynophobia and Misogyny in Games and Gaming Even "The Imperial March" Would Have Been a Better Choice First GTA: Chinatown Wars Screens [Updated] Bejeweled Coming to Warcraft. Yes, Really.