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Today's coupons roundup contains a bunch of reminders of ongoing sales you may have heard about. They might not be breaking news, but they're definitely where you should be looking first if you're looking for new games.


• Technically not a sale, although the $349.99, 250 GB PS3 Slim could be construed as getting another 130 GB of hard drive space for just $50. Amazon has it listed, release date is Nov. 3 but you probably already knew that. [Dealzon]

• If you need hardware other than a hard drive, there are two bundles to consider from SonyStyle. An 80GB PS3 with two DualShocks for $249.99, or the 160GB/Uncharted/2 DualShock bundle for $349.99. Free shipping on both. [Dealzon]

• Also, should you be in the market for a Wii MotionPlus (or an additional controller) consider the bundle being offered by Amazon. It's $56.99 but you get Wii Sports Resort with two MotionPlus Controllers. It's $10 more than the game's standard package but the two controllers is a bargain, especially when one goes for $19.99 [Dealzon]


• Friendly reminder, The Toys R Us buy 2, get 1 free deal ends today. All titles eligible.


As you may know already, Amazon's gotten into the 3:2 act. You've got to pick from an eligible list so the offer is not as comprehensive as the Toys R Us deal, but it's still a deal. [Amazon]


• You might also have seen that Gordon Freeman triumphed over Mario in GameSpot's greatest hero contest. To celebrate, Steam's offering all Half-Life games at 55.8 percent off, that figure representing Freeman's winning percentage of votes. [Steam]

• Steam's other sale this weekend is a 25 percent off deal on the Red Faction games. Red Faction: Guerrilla is $29.99, and a bundle of it, Red Faction and Red Faction II is $44.97. [Steam]


• While not a part of Amazon's 3:2 sale, DJ Hero is the subject of its own special deal. Use coupon DJHERO10 to preorder the game/turntable bundle for $108.99, or $11 off the launch price. [TechDealDigger]

• Finally, another reminder, the GameStop offer to get Brütal Legend or Need for Speed: Shift for $19.99 with two trade-ins from a most-wanted list, and its $10 and $20 bounties on trade-ins of 3 or 4 games, respectively, is still on and ends Oct. 25. [GameStop]


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.

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