Weekend Coupons: In-Store or Download

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This weekend's highlights - Steam's big Indie sale, a hell of a good deal on pre-ordering Madden, and some weird price-matching promo at a Best Buy in Utah.


• Need a new monitor for your gaming rig? Samsung's popular 23-inch model, the 2333SW LCD, is $167.99 - normally it goes for $251. Free shipping, too. Get it through Dell Small Business, enter coupon code CZ2706QBZTPRLD. [TechDealDigger]

• Should you happen to live near a Micro Center (22 locations nationwide) you can pre-order Madden 10, which drops on Friday, for $34.99. This is an in-store pickup only. [TDD]

• For the other brand of football, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is $5, but it also requires $4.95 shipping. Still, $9.95 is $10 off what it usually goes for. [TDD]

• Manga fans with a DS should consider Amazon's offer of Prologue to Death Note, based on the Death Note series. Normally $69.99, it's listed for $29.95 with, of course, the free shipping option. This game is the Japanese version. [Amazon]

• PS2 Guitar Hero players, if you're looking for a second axe, and have noooo problem with a pink girly-girl git-tar, the PS2 Wireless Aly's Heart Shaped Guitar is $16.03, usually $49.99. It might look like the back of a tweenybopper's notebook, but it plays just like the Gibson Les Paul controller. [Amazon]


• Steam's offer this weekend is a sale on indie hits. $29.99 gets you 10 (Audiosurf, Blueberry Garden, Braid, Crayon Physics Delux, Darwinia, Everyday Shooter, Gish, Mr. Robot, The Path and World of Goo). For $19.99 you get 5 (Blueberry Garden, Braid, Everyday Shooter, The Path and World of Goo.) The 10 pack is 75 percent less than what you'd normally spend buying them all separately, the 5-pack amounts to 66 percent off. [Steam]


• GamersGate's weekend deals are 50 percent off for three titles: The Club, Imperium Romanum, and Tibor: Tales of a Kind Vampire [GamersGate]

• In case you're wondering, I did check the GameStop weekly ad. Meh. [GameStop]

• A Cheap Ass Gamer reader in West Jordan, Utah noticed that Best Buy's matching new games at used prices in GameStop and Game Crazy. This is very likely available in select markets only, and damn for sure should have some restrictions. The comments thread should have more details, but you need to register with Cheapy's site. [Cheap Ass Gamer]


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.


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Anybody seen a good deal on a mid-range graphics card lately? My PC has integrated graphics and can run The Orange Box passably, but nothing else. I don't want anything too beefy. I'm not buying a new power supply, too.