Weekend Coupons: A Bad Mutha

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Perhaps because of Mother's Day, there seem to be few sales bonanzas and so there ain't much to talk about this weekend. Especially since Steam's big weekend sale is for Universe at War: Earth Assault.


Nothing against this RTS, which comes from Petroglyph, and they do that genre right. But I can tell it's a game not a lot of people want when McWhertor or Fahey don't run the Steam sale announcement on Friday and let a whole 24 hours pass until you hear about it in WC. It's $4.99.

There were some other tantalizers out there in the forums but upon further inspection, either their sales expired or the retailers offering them went out of stock, so I'm not listing them here. Why bring it up? Just to say, hey, I'm out there hunting and it is thin.

On with the show:

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• This here GameStop coupon gets you 20 percent off used Wii games. It's good through Wednesday. [via Cheap College Gamers]

• Mass Effect for the PC is $9.90 through the end of today, as part of its 48-hour madness promotion. There are others in the "Space and Beyond Madness" promo, but that's the best, by far. [CAG]


• A universal price drop has Battlefield: Bad Company down in the $30 range. Amazon kicked it off by offering the game for $18.99 but that sale has since expired. [CAG]

• If you're headed to the big box this weekend, go prepared. Cheapy wrote up all the prices from the Best Buy weekly ad. You can find them here. Of the good games, you can grab Resistance 2, Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty: World at War for $40. The discounted releases newer than that are kinda blah.


• Those in need of an XBL Gold reload and/or a chat pad can get both, plus a spare headset and Project Gotham Racing 4, for $59.24 with free shipping out of Buy.com. The bundle is ordinarily $60 $70. [CCG]

As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.



So, what is the current state of Mass Effect DRM? I remember a whole uproar over it, and some minor concessions, but I did not follow the issue closely.