Spore! It's out. You might be playing it (right now, even), you might not. Yes, this Week In Games is late (sorry). And the big release is Spore. There are other games out this week as well. Those are listed below. Sunday (Sept. 7) Spore (PC, Mac) Spore Creatures DS (DS) Monday (Sept. 8) NHL 2K9 (Wii) Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise DS (DS) Lock's Quest DS (DS) Tuesday (Sept.9) Yakuza 2 (PS2) Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI (PC) NHL 09 (360) TNA iMPACT! (360) Zoids Assault (360) Active Life: Outdoor Challenge (Wii) Hell's Kitchen (Wii) The Price is Right (Wii) Wednesday (Sept. 10) Dragonball Z: Trilogy (PS2) So... Spore. Whaddaya think?