Do it yourself clothing and crap company CafePress has teamed up with Microsoft to give Xbox Live users the ability to print and purchase stuff starring their own personalized avatar. Let's go Voltron force!

At least that's what would be on my chest if I went ahead and ordered the snazzy t-shirt on the left in the image above, the result of simply heading to the CafePress Xbox website, plugging in my gamertag, and selecting one of more than a dozen poses to be printed. There might be some sort of copyright problem occurring here, but that's okay, I'm not paying $22.99 for a crappy t-shirt anyway.

Of course if someone else wanted to pay $22.99 for a crappy t-shirt for me, I wouldn't say no. It would probably make an excellent Christmas gift for say, a brother to purchase his little brother.

Just saying.

CafePress Xbox Gateway [CafePress]