Weapons Of Migraine Development Cache Found In Dubai

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Video game retailers cleaning out an old warehouse in the Rashidia area of Dubai stumbled across video gaming's Pandora's Box - a sealed crate containing 100 Nintendo Virtual Boy systems, intact in their original packaging. The fact that 100 pieces of stock could have been misplaced like this serves as a solid representation of how little people cared for the poor VB.

"This product was just left years ago and nobody knew it was in stock," said Vijay Chandrabota, the purchasing manager for Geekay Games in Dubai. "For me, it was dead stock. I didn't even know that this Virtual Boy existed until we found it."


It sounds like the plot for an Indiana Jones movie, doesn't it? A crate found in a dusty warehouse, with ancient horrors lurking within. Gives me shivers. I'm surprised no faces were melted in the course of the discovery. Of course as a collector I'd still maim any one of you for a chance at have a Virtual Boy in a sealed box, but it had better be one damn tight seal. Nintendo's ‘worst' console wins some new admirers [The National Newspaper]

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Honestly, these really aren't worth all that much. Just because something's old and in a sealed box doesn't mean anything - there needs to be some demand for them. I have no doubt that someone could easily sell all 100 of these at the right price, but they're not going to get $1,000 each for them. Maybe $100 each, if they're lucky. Probably more like $50, even at inflated Ebay prices.