We Won't Mock You For Watching This New Hello Kitty Trailer

It's cute, it's pink and if you watch this trailer too many times, Hello Kitty might suck out your soul through your eyes. Not that I'm worried; she's had my soul since 1986.

Speaking of eyes, way to go Kotaku readers. By picking out that piece of profanity from the last batch of screenshots (which has since been updated), I was able to get Aeria Games to confirm that there will be a profanity filter in the North American version of Hello Kitty Online. Guess we'll have to make up new curses for when we get excited about gardening.


In the meantime, we're still waiting on a definite launch date for the Sanrio massively multiplayer online game. The closed beta is scheduled to start soon and supposedly the game will go live this fall.



Two things:

1) That first costume she changes into totally reminds me of Flat Eric.

2) The quick costume changes and dance moves she does after that bear-thing totally reminded me of a toned-down, child-friendly version of some of the moves from this classic video of Vanessa from P.N.03.