We Won't Be Seeing Brütal Legend At E3 :(

Sunday night's pre-E3 Kotaku party is going to be a booze-fueled, feel-good adventure. None of that, however, will dull the pain of Brütal Legend's absence at E3, an absence confirmed by MTV Multiplayer today. Double Fine Productions frontman Tim Schafer confirmed the bad news earlier today and I'm just barely keeping it together.

Sure, we knew that Vivendi and Activision and their subsidiaries weren't doing the E3 thing proper, but Activision is at least holding a press conference. Chalk it up to denial. The good news, according to MTV, is that Mr. Schafer says we may hear more about it "soon after" E3. I'm ignoring Tim's "we hope" caveat.


We're also going to refer to the newly merged Activision Blizzard as Activision Blizzard Brütal Legend to show just how important we think the game is.

No ‘Brutal Legend' At E3 [MTV Multiplayer]

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