We Weren't Fighting, Claims Kid, We Were Copying a Video Game

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Recently, a 14 year-old junior high school student in Hyogo, Japan was arrested after a one-minute YouTube video, showing him punch and kick a 12 year-old grade school student, appeared online. The 12 year-old, however, said he was a willing participant in the video—though, he did add that he was hurt during the spat.


The person holding the camera (presumably, the 14 year-old's friend) can be heard saying, "This will be an interesting video," and "Don't hit him in the face." The video was titled "Real Fight" in Japanese.

"Even if all boys involved took part willingly, this was clearly an assault on a boy who is physically smaller (than the one hitting him)," a Hyogo education board official said.

The 14 year-old said, "We were copying the popular video game Kenka Bancho."

Due to high profile incident that ended in suicide, Japan is recently more sensitive to bullying.

This isn't the 14 year-old's first run-in with the law; on July 19, he was arrested for assaulting a 15 year-old high student in a parking lot—making him an equal opportunity bully who is willing to beat up older and young kids. Swell.


Police to question 14-year-old boy over video of him beating up younger student [Mainichi]

「人気ゲーム『喧嘩番長』をまねた」兵庫・赤穂の暴行動画 加害生徒らが市教委に説明 [MSN]



Eh, I wouldn't really call this bullying. Sounds more like a case of "boys being boys", considering the younger kid was a willing participant. They were just rough housing.