"We Wanted Wii Music's Music To Appeal To Very Broad Audience"

While Wii Music has been getting a tepid reception, at least Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is excited. Really, really, really excited. So excited that even after working on the game all those months, he's still rushing home to play it. When he's not playing it, he's thinking about it — a sign, Miyamoto says, that he's created a fun game. Good signs! And to those who are sadden that their favorite Nintendo songs haven't made it onto the game, Miyamoto explains:

We wanted the music to appeal to a very broad audience and if you look at the mass market, probably not nearly as many people would be as familiar with [NES/SNES] songs. We wanted to focus on songs that people will know by ear, because that in and of itself is going to make it easier to play and then improvise the songs.


That makes sense. Doesn't make it right, but makes it make sense. Miyamoto Still Excited About Wii Music [1Up]

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