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We Talk About The People We've Reported In Overwatch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On the latest episode of our semi-regular Overwatch show, Cecilia, Heather, and I discuss the game’s new hero, Orisa, debate whether or not Blizzard hurts their game by giving in to fans’ demands too much, and ponder whether new reporting tools will be enough to stop cheaters and toxic players. We also share stories about the racists (and other assorted dickheads) we’ve reported.

We’re divided on Orisa. I think she has a lot of potential (but badly needs more HP and stronger shields), while Heather likes the way she feels to play, and Cecilia is mad that there still isn’t “a hero formed around my desire to run up to people and punch them in the face.” And you know what? That is completely fair.


As for Blizzard’s relationship with fans, the communication is much appreciated, but Cecilia worries that Blizzard doesn’t always stand by design decisions that could be good if people had time to adapt and create new strategies.

Lastly, we talk about Overwatch’s overhauled reporting system, which is currently on the PTR. It’s definitely an improvement, but is it enough to keep racist and/or sexist jerks at bay? What about cheaters, griefers, and leavers, which are fundamentally different problems that Blizzard hopes one system can solve? As is, we all have our stories about crappy people we’ve encountered while playing. What are yours?