This week on our semi-regular Overwatch show, Let’s Break It Down, Cecilia, Heather, and I discuss the upcoming Bastion changes, as well as custom games and, for some reason, ‘90s anime classic Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of Bastion, but I will admit that the walking tuna tin piloted by a homicidal bird is much more enjoyable to play now. That said, fuck rounding a corner and getting mowed down like so many innocent forest trees. It’s an infuriating way to die, rather than a strategically interesting one, and it’s still the backbone of Bastion’s kit. Heather, however, made a compelling case for not jettisoning Bastion into the sun in this week’s episode, so I’ll defer to her expertise on this.

On the upside, custom games rock. You haven’t lived until you’ve played an all-Roadhog match where everybody has 3,000 HP and can ult every few seconds. It’s like a big, joyful parade where everybody’s trying kill each other, but only a little.