We Ran The Rooftops In The Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta

I played a few hours of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta over the weekend, and it was a lot of fun! You can watch me jump around like a parkour ninja— as well as smack into a few walls— in the video above.


Catalyst brings some changes to the Mirror’s Edge formula. I enjoyed the open world map a lot; I never get tired of hurling myself off a building and hoping there’s something to break my fall besides the pavement. There are also a lot of new gameplay additions like timed trials, deliveries, and a bunch of collectibles to fling yourself at. The jury’s still out until the game releases in June, but overall I had a lot of fun with the beta. Did you play it? Let me know what you thought!



Catalyst feels like exactly what I’ve always wanted from a successor to ME. Traversal is smoother, climbing pipes and crawling vents are usually avoidable, and if not the process is much quicker now (Faith even accelerates as you crawl!). Punching people is satisfying and varied enough, and also avoidable.

The map feels like Burnout Paradise, small enough to memorize, interesting enough to leave you room to always improve efficiency.

Load times are decently fast, and the respawn after falling to your death takes no more than 5 seconds (on pS4).

The biggest detractor for me (aside from poor writing, but w/e) is the fact that the open world loses some of the urgency the linear story of ME1 had. In ME1, the motivation for going fast was, “there are people shooting you, RUN!” Now the motivation is more like “go fast because why not.” But, that was always enough when playing Sonic, so if that’s my only complaint, I accept. I just hope there are some longer high-stakes missions later in the game.