We Played Star Wars: Battlefront

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And then we talked to you about it live, on Periscope. Here’s an archive of that chat, in which Evan and I discuss our warm feelings towards the roughly 13-minute multiplayer round we played at E3.

If you weren’t already aware, Periscope is a Twitter-owned live-streaming service that operates best in landscape mode. And if you also weren’t already aware, service at E3 sucks. So say hello to Evan and I operating on my iPhone 6’s 3G connection, because LTE at E3 is for fools.


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Pardon me for not being up-to-date, but is there any sign of an Instant-Action-like mode coming to Battlefront? I loved fighting bots in the previous two games, and would hate to have that luxury limited to some derivative co-op missions.