We Played Moss For PSVR

Moss is a PlayStation VR game that takes you on a journey through a whimsical fairytale world in which you control Quill, an adorable mouse. She’s equipped with a sword and shield, but she needs the player, who acts as a hooded guide called a “reader,” to help her unravel the mysteries of a mysterious glowing glass shard.

The player can interact with heavy objects in the game world to clear Quill’s path or give her platforms to jump on. It’s simple but fun, and it’s amplified by VR’s ability to drop you right into the world and peek around corners. Leaning in to get a closer look at Quill is really interesting too. It’s particularly heartwarming when you reach down, pet her head and see her close her eyes in enjoyment.

The story is told by a single narrator who voices each character as you flip through pages that contain animated illustrations. It’s a neat way to tell a story, although it can slow down the action sometimes, especially after you get to visit a busy mouse village or what feel like giant monsters that just turn out to be deer. I’m curious to see how the game incorporates combat and how difficult puzzles get too. Check out the video above to see the opening moments of the game in action and watch me pet Quill a million times.


Moss will be available for PSVR on February 27th.

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Probably the smartest idea for a VR video game I’ve seen (there was another game where you’re a giant robot helping a woman through a factory or something but I can’t remember the name). It gracefully solves almost every problem of VR while still giving you all the benefits of getting to interact with a world in first person. Really smart.