We Might be Looking at the Next Generation of...Indie RPGs

If you saw a screenshot of Sui Generis, you'd think, hey, look, it's another Diablo clone.


But take a look at it moving. Those physics!

Developers Bare Mettle say the game is an "open world RPG for the PC", featuring "Advanced AI and a hugely interactive game world" and "lifelike battles in which your wits and skill matter most."

Sui Generis [Kickstarter, via PC Gamer]



I know people are laughing at the animations, but I think they're amazing, they make the fights so personal and believable. The video above is just an example of what an actual sword fight looks like; somewhat silly, but overall how you would actually use the weapons. Hollywood and video games glorify it with maneuvers no one would actually do mid-fight, so it's nice to see a game that takes a different approach.