Earlier this week, inXile Entertainment filed a trademark for the title "Choplifter" in relation to a video game. Whaddya think, might this be a new Choplifter game?

Course it is. Well, most likely is. You can't really dance around the word "Choplifter", it's a classic. Any game using that title is hardly going to be a Wii party game collection.


Then there's the developer to consider. inXile is run by Brian Fargo, who have already remade one old-timey classic in Bard's Tale. What's stopping them from doing another one?

So far as we can see, nothing. Can't wait to see what they do with it, what with the original being such a simple classic, and in no need of a 3D remake with characters and voice-acting and...oh.

Choplifter to fly again? [GameSpot]

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