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We know that the newest U.S. presidents in The Division 2 are fictional, but a close look at an in-game museum exhibit about past presidents shows we don’t even know if Reagan succeeded Carter. Mysteries! We’ll have impressions of how the game actually plays tomorrow. So far, so good.


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My theory is that the Reagan Revolution never happened, and Carter, rather than being an object of ridicule for doing things like installing solar panels on the White House, was looked at as visionary and easily won a second term. Succeeded by Ted Kennedy in 1984, Al Gore in 1992, Howard Dean in 2000, Barack Obama in 2008, and Al Franken in 2016.

John Kerry’s swift action in early 2001 thwarted a potential major terrorist strike on the US, spurning him to create The Division, recognizing that if the worst happened that American people would panic and order would need to be restored and maintained, which was echoed by his successors.