Apparently the Team Fortress 2 class updates aren't coming hard and fast enough for some players — and our tipsters who inhabit portions of the internet we'd rather deny exist. Someone's taken the liberty of creating their own aluminum bat replacement with something a bit floppier. Regardless of Valve's speediness in updating the weapons load-outs of characters like the Scout, we're not so sure this whole "whacking enemies with a giant black dildo" thing is going to catch on. Of course, in the event of a dildo, we'll deny ownership of TF2.

The so called "Thor Bat" (?) can be seen in NSFW action in the clip after the jump.

We're told the custom weapon comes in four colors — blue, red, yellow and "realistic." We'll leave that up to your imagination.

Thanks, CyborgMatt. Thanks a lot.

Oh, and thanks to xcloudx for the updated video embed. We're beating the TinyPic servers with a massive rubber dong in retaliation.