Europe's Rock Band pricing didn't go down too well, but at least they've got Rock Band pricing. Australia have so far been left out altogether, with only a "later this year" release timeframe hinted at. Well, according to a number of sources across the local retail sector, that timeframe is going to be October. You know, a month after Rock Band 2 is released in the US. But wait! That's bad, but things get worse. Employees at a couple of the nation's largest specialist games retailers have tipped us off as to what the game's going to cost would-be Aussie rock fiends, and the news is not good.

Firstly, as in Europe, there'll be no all-in-one bundle. You'll have to buy the game separately, and the game is going to retail for AUD$120 (USD$115). For instruments, you've got two options. All will be available individually (guitars are priced at AUD$110/USD$105, with drums at AUD$160 and mics TBA) , but you'll also have the option of buying a "hardware kit" that includes one guitar, drums and one mic. That'll cost you AUD$290 (USD$277). So to buy the game and the hardware bundle (ie what you get in the $169 American bundle), you'll be paying AUD$400. That's USD$380.

Thanks, but no.