We have updated our article about Gearbox’s decision not to sign a union contract to bring back Troy Baker as Rhys in Borderlands 3. Readers had questions about why other union actors are voicing Borderlands 3 characters and whether Gearbox’s excuse valid, which Baker’s union, SAG-AFTRA, responded to.

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So Troy says he doesn’t want to work for the company because Gearbox (which is in Texas) doesn’t support unions. To which Gearbox replies and says “we can’t deny anyone employment if they’re in a union.” Then SAG-AFTRA replies “nobody said shit about that, get fucked.”

But what the fuck is this line:

We also believe strongly in hiring local voice actors whenever we can which is why we’re thrilled Troy’s career really took off after working with us.

That has to be a joke but since it’s on an official press release, seems like they’re serious? Look at dude’s IMDB, his career didn’t need shit from them.