I possess this box. In this box was an Xbox 360 Kinect and games. Courtesy of Microsoft, Kotaku is now a gaming news outlet that can be the controller. We have Kinect. One is hooked up to my TV.

The Xbox 360 Kinect launches on November 4. As an agreement for getting the device early, we're able to run reviews of Kinect's launch games — Dance Central, Kinectimals, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Joy Ride, etc. — at 12:01 am ET on Thursday, November 4 (9:01 pm PT on the 3rd). That's 10:01 pm MT, if you set your watches to the times that appear here on Kotaku posts.

You see my cat here with the Kinect box. Is that a sign of enthusiasm on her face? With her, it's always tough to tell. She'll help me play these games and do all the other things Kinect is supposed to revolutionize.

Brush up on your Kinect knowledge, about what this thing is supposed to do and how Microsoft wants it to change the way we play games and use our TVs, in our big Kotaku explains Kinect story.


Check back here on November 4 to see how Microsoft's promises square with our experiences.