We Found The Ecto-1 and a Halo Warthog in L.A. Plus: Sam Jackson Snapped At Jason.

I went to the Spike Video Game Awards last Friday and... found the Ecto 1? Yes, the car from Ghostbusters was parked in the lot of Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, next to the Green Hornet's Black Beauty.

I don't know why.



I do know why they had a Halo Warthog. Because that's what you put at the end of a red carpet! (Did you know that there are free drinks for the celebrities who make it through the gauntlet of the red carpet? I did not.)


Also near the red carpet: This BioShock Infinite Songbird, God of War's Kratos and an amazingly lifelike statue of GTTV's Geoff Keighley.


One more look at Songbird.


But what about the red carpet itself? Well, it was actually a black carpet and it was traversed by game developers and celebrities alike. In the shot above, you can see our own Jason Schreier on the left side in the sharp, light-colored blazer, preparing to shout a question to Samuel L. Jackson.

Thankfully, Jason captured this moment for our amusement.

Jason and Sam got along a little better, a little later.

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