​We Brought An Xbox One To The Xbox One Launch Event… Chaos Ensued

Tonight in New York, Microsoft is hosting a massive launch party for the Xbox One. In a few short hours, the people in line will have their own new consoles to take home. Ah, but Kotaku already has an Xbox One. Maybe the folks in line would like to check ours out while they wait?


In the video up top, Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Stephen Totilo breaks out his Xbox One for people outside the event, the better to give them a sense of what the console's all about. As you can imagine, everyone was pretty psyched.

After that, something unexpected happened. Members of the media who were standing near the line became (understandably) curious as to why the heck this random guy was hanging around outside the launch event with an Xbox One, so they came over with their cameras and started asking Stephen how he got the console. Ha.


Jason Schreier caught the scene:

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That was the last time anyone ever saw Stephen or that xbox one