We Are Sorry To Report That Pickle Rick Is Now In Rainbow Six Siege

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Ubisoft released a Rick and Morty-themed cosmetic DLC for Rainbox Six Siege today, allowing players to dress up as Pickle Rick for $20. In other news, I’m done with the world and I’m leaving Earth for like, I don’t know, Pluto.


Ubisoft announced this new cosmetic pack yesterday, but it’s out today alongside a trailer showing off the new content. Here is what’s being added to the game, via Ubisoft’s news blog:

“The Smoke Pickle Rick bundle includes the Pickle Rick Rat Suit and headgear, Portal Gun attachment skin and weapon skin, and Pickle Rick Charm. Meanwhile, the Sledge Gromflomite bundle features the Gromflomite uniform and headgear, the Federation Defense attachment skin, a weapon skin for Sledge’s M590A1, and the Seal Team Rick Charm.”

And here’s the trailer, where you can see the Pickle Rick costume in all its glory. You also get to see the Gromflomite costume for Sledge, if that’s something you care about.

Each of these packs will cost you 2160 R6 Credits. Let’s translate that into human dollars: Ubisoft sells 2670 R6 Credits for $20, so if you have no credits and want to become...Pickle Rick, that’s your best option. If for some reason you want both of these packs, the combined cost is 4320 credits. At that point, it’s cheaper to just buy 4920 credits for $35. No, I have no idea how many “Schmeckles” that is and I won’t bother figuring it out.

As mentioned earlier, I will no longer be living on this planet. Though this is starting to sound an awful lot like one of those zany adventures Rick and Morty would go on, so now I’m not so sure.

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god, is there anything in this world more annoying than Rick & Morty fans? Pickle Rick is stupid. It’s literally *supposed* to be stupid. It’s a stupid distraction from Rick’s underlying emotional issues which are ruining his and his family’s life as his grandkids struggle to cope. The entire Pickle Rick subplot is literally constant escalation with zero context or stakes or even internal coherence as a story *precisely so that* when the therapist calls him out on his bullshit and he ignores her, it hits harder and drives home the point that Rick is not a good person.

But instead it becomes a meme because HAHA FUNNY PICKLE MAN.