We Are So So Tired

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Hoo boy! Thanks for sticking with us for the work week, die hard Kotaku readers. We're zipping up our anatomically accurate sleeping bags and heading into the weekend well rested.

Seriously, many thanks to you riding the wave with us, the Kotaku editors, on this rocky redesign. I don't have much more to say on the matter, but appreciate the non-angry, non-threatening e-mails that some of you have sent our way. Hopefully, you're still enjoying some part of this.

Well, I've got a burrito to purchase and a recently spayed dog to look after. I'll leave the casual conversation in your hands. Have a good one!


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Cat Davenport

When the redesign first hit, I didn't whine, I didn't complain, nor did I threaten to leave. It just takes time to get used to, but over the course of the week I've simply found myself coming back less and less even though I never had the intention of doing so.

I'm starting to think the redesign was some insidious first step towards paid content on Gawker.