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Halo: Master Chief Collection Has Been Broken For 100+ Days Now

Illustration for article titled emHalo: Master Chief Collection/em Has Been Broken For 100+ Days Now

It's been four months since Halo: The Master Chief Collection came out for Xbox One, and unbelievably, the game is still broken. The matchmaking and lobby systems somehow still don't work properly.


For a complete, startling look at just how bad things have been, check out this full timeline (at Team Beyond) of problems, patches, and game-breaking bugs over the 100+ days since the Master Chief Collection launched. It's the type of shaming that will hopefully make publishers think twice before selling a game this busted again.

Fun fact: the folks at developer 343 Industries created an achievement called "Stick With It" for players who stuck with the game... an achievement that's bugged and currently won't unlock.


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Maybe, I as a non programmer am missing something, but how hard was it to screw up 4 games that were already programmed and completed.

I don't understand