Way of the Samurai Finds Path To Xbox 360

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Former PlayStation exclusive series Way of the Samurai is making the platform jump. Publisher Spike announced its intentions to bring Way of the Samurai 3 to the Xbox 360 in February.

Originally released on the PlayStation 3 in November, Way of the Samurai 3 (aka Samurai Dou 3) debuted in Japan with 81,000 units sold. Not bad for a week's worth of sales, but developer Acquire and Spike may want to up those numbers with a port for Xbox 360 owners. The new version, dated for February 26th in Japan, will have "new elements" and offer downloadable content of some form.


Hopefully, that means we're one step closer to a Western release, regardless of the platform. I've always loved these quirky, if graphically underwhelming samurai adventure games. Who's with me? Anyone?

『侍道3』がXbox 360でも発売決定 [Famitsu]

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Am I the only person who adored the series spinoff, Samurai Western? It may have been a wee bit silly, but the insane level of character customization and visceral combat made it one of those games that I played far, far longer than I could sanely justify.

Good times.