Way More Universal Microtransactions are Coming to the PS3

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Upcoming shooter Dust 514 won't just be the first PS3 game to link to an MMO on the PC. It'll also be the first to support a framework for the purchase of microtransactions on the PlayStation Network using a virtual currency.


Asked by Develop whether developers CCP would be using their own form of in-game currency on the PlayStation 3, Hilmar Pétursson says "Yes and [Sony hasn't] done anything like this before. We're having many meetings with them to ensure they have solid policies on virtual currency. Given the amount of back and forth there, we can definitely see us breaking new ground."

The things that are being nutted out in meetings include revenue splitting and what happens when the PS3 goes quietly into the night.


If/when it all comes together, though, there'll be a means on the PlayStation 3 of publishers offering microtransactions using their own forms of currency. Meaning you'll see a lot more free-to-play games coming along.

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Oh, this could be interesting. So all the transactions are done through the game itself? I sort of imagined Dust 514 working like White Knight Chronicles did, where they have lots of little pieces of "DLC" (like re-creating your character for ~$5).

Maybe they'll also find a way to make it work with PLEX, from EVE, but somehow I doubt that the link between Dust and EVE is going to go that far. Also, I don't know what normal infantry would need with PLEX.