Water, Water Everywhere, so Let's Go Fight a War

If you've ever wanted to play a video game based on Kevin Costner's Waterworld, only without Kevin Costner being anywhere near it, you should check out upcoming strategy title Oil Rush.


With slick cinematic sequences and a pretty game engine, Oil Rush is an RTS set on a future Earth where global catastrophe has risen ocean levels to the point where the continents are swallowed up, man surviving on platforms built atop the sea.

Of course, we don't breathe a sigh of relief and get on with our lives; there's war and plenty of it, and Oil Rush is a little bit Command & Conquer and a little bit tower defence thrown in for good measure.

Interestingly, it's being developed in-house at Unigine, an engine company, with the team based in, of all places, Siberia.

A PC version is due out this Fall for $20, though Mac, Linux and PS3 editions are also in the pipeline.

Oil Rush [Official Site]

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Westwood era Command & Conquer? Or EA-shit-era Command & Conquer: Anti-infantry Turrets Die To 1 Rocket Infantry & Anti-Tank Turrets Die To 2 Light Tanks: Shit Barf Crap Vomit Edition?