Watching the New Pokémon Trailer with an 8-Year-Old

Nintendo released another trailer for its upcoming collaboration with Koei Tecmo, Pokémon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition.


The game isn't exactly what people are expecting, and when I showed my 8-year-old this trailer for the first time tonight, neither was he.


"What is this?" Mini-Bash asked.
"It's a new Pokémon game," I said.
"It doesn't look very Pokémon. Who are these people?"
"That is Oda Nobunaga."
"What's he doing in Pokémon?"
"I don't know," I said.
"This is really strange."
"It really is."

When the trailer wrapped up, the announcer said there was a limited edition card included with the game. "Hurry!" the announcer added.

"I'm not going to hurry," said Mini-Bash. "I want a new Pokémon game, but not this."

Nobody who really, really likes Pocket Monsters wants this.

This game dilutes everything that is Pokémon in favor of unrealistic depictions of Japanese historical figures. And for what?


While my kid isn't looking forward to this game, that doesn't mean Pokémon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition won't be a huge hit. The Pokémon brand name is strong. It will sell.

New Trailer [YouTube]

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Why is this spin-off suddenly "diluting" everyting that is Pokémon when the other spinoffs didn't. This in no way hinders the main series.