Get ready to have sex ruined for you forever, as we take a trip deep inside an infected vagina in the first level of Zombie Cow Studios' Privates.

The day we've been dreading since May has come, and the first shooter to take place inside (and outside) of simulated sexual organs is now at hand. I'd wash that hand if I were you.


Designed as an Xbox Live Arcade and PC game, though chances of it being approved as an XBLA title were slim. Having played through the first of five levels, I'd say we can likely lower those chances from slim to none.


While the game is disgusting and vulgar, I suppose there is something to be learned from it, and that is the body is a horribly disgusting place crawling with bacteria and oozing with unidentifiable putrid substances, and we should never touch anyone's private parts - not even our own - without wearing thick gloves, or possibly a hazmat suit.

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