Watch Us Play Titanfall Live, Right Here [Update: It's over!)

It'll be another day before the Titanfall beta officially starts for the public, but we've got access right now. And what better to do with the beta than 1) play the hell out of it, and 2) stream it live for you all to be in on the experience.


I'll be playing through the various modes for a few hours on PC. Here are the descriptions of which modes the beta includes, courtesy of EA:

Attrition - Teams win by eliminating anyone or anything on the opposing side ­ pilots, titans and AI soldiers.

Hardpoint Domination - Teams will capture and hold three hardpoints throughout the map to earn points and secure victory.

Last Titan Standing - Everyone on both teams starts with a titan in a round-based mode that ends when one team has lost all of their titans. There's no respawning and no replacement titans can be called down.

I'll try my best to answer as many questions as possible afterwards, while I'm not glued to my keyboard.

And here's the Twitch chat attached to this stream, in case you want to get involved (and get some context on seemingly random things I might be saying):

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