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Watch Us Play The Next Game From Former Plants vs. Zombies Developers

When the original Plants vs Zombies came out close to eight years ago, I got a little obsessed with it. Some former developers of that game have made a new game called Octogeddon, in which you play as a giant octopus.


Octogeddon tasks you with being a trespassing octopus with tentacles designed to swat and shoot down enemies and flying projectiles. A lot of Plants vs Zombies’ DNA is on display, especially when you’re trying to prioritize which enemies to shoot at and which to roll away from in real time.

It’s a fun balancing act, and it’s satisfying to clear out an entire swarm of enemies. Destroying enemies and buildings along the way rewards players with currency to continue adding weird, specialized tentacles to their monstrous octopus. Your octopus can quickly turn into a hero from a John Woo movie, twirling dual pistols in the air—except, instead of shiny guns, you have chicken heads and lobster claws.


Aiming can sometimes feel a little finicky, but I’ve enjoyed what I played so far. Take a look at the video above to see my monstrosity in motion. Octogeddon releases on February 8th on Steam.

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What an octoppocalypse.

Seems like a great clamcept. But are they able to fish it out? I’ll wait for the reviews before I shell out cash.