Watch Us Play No Man's Sky

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The No Man’s Sky review copy situation is a mess, and reviewers from various outlets have just gone and bought copies from local retailers instead of waiting for Sony to send codes. On an unrelated note, come watch us play (the pre-day-one-patch version of) No Man’s Sky!



Got the game last night and played for about 3 hours. A few things right off the bat (PS4 version), it’s super pretty, exploring/crafting is deep enough to be interesting but simple enough to not be a total chore. Getting the ship into orbit for the first time is a really satisfying feeling. My son and I flew to a few different planets, varying from ice to some kind of killer radioactive shit. The vastness is very real and it feels every bit as giant as it’s been sold as. That said, people looking for any kind of story/objective will be bummed and will trash it immediately. It’s definitely a “have a beer, relax and fly around/do some trading/explore” game. One thing I thought was really sweet was the inclusion of alien language, which as you play, you begin to decipher through these relics that can “teach” you words. How to say “give, thanks, metal” for instance have been taught to us, I’m guessing eventually we will be able to talk with the npc traders more fully.

One thing to note (and I don’t know if a day one patch is planned) but we encountered a game crashing bug twice. Once when we were on the initial planet and again once we took off. The thing crashed so hard we couldn’t even exit back out to the dashboard. Had to unplug/restart the Ps4 completely both times. No progress was lost though. Hopefully this is something that is fixed sooner than later.

I think those who go into it informed with that sort of Minecraft/Terraria (explore, build, open ended) vibe, will be super happy. It really is a beautiful game.