Watch Us Play Metal Gear Survive's Absurd Horde Mode

Metal Gear Survive doesn’t have a lot of charm, but it’s still a fun time if you’re playing with friends. Staff Writer Heather Alexandra and Video Producer Paul Tamayo geared up to building bases and stab nano-zombies in this absurd and perplexing Metal Gear spin-off.


There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical of Metal Gear Survive. It plays more like a features-heavy arcade game than the robust tactical espionage action that the series is known for. There’s not a lot of stealth and an absolute dearth of the character and quirk that helped make Metal Gear’s world memorable.

But in spite of that, it can still be a lot of fun. Building fences and barricades is an easy process, and zombies shatter dramatically with every shotgun blast or walker gear trampling. The game is basically a hectic horde mode that does a great job mixing tower defense and shooter action. It’s as mindless as any of the zombie enemies but good for a quick burst of combat and chuckles. Playing online with friends or just having a co-pilot to laugh at the proceedings really helps the game shine.


You can watch the video above to see if the game might tickle your funny bone or stoke the flames of your simmering grudge against Konami. Also: if you join any matches with us, please don’t steal our tiny tanks.

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“Hey Herb, whaddya reckon’d be the most blatantly evil thing Konami could do with Metal Gear?”

“Well Zeke, I’d say they’d have to reuse all of Phantom Pain’s assets, shove in some hokey zombie survival nonsense, make the whole thing look like Free 2 Play shovelware from China, dump in microtransactions, and then sell it like a real product.”

“Well that’s just plain ridiculous Herb.”

“Eeyup.” *spits*