Watch Us Play Cloudberry Kingdom, The Cute Game That Will Destroy You

I'm not the type of person who plays a game for hundreds of hours, but if I was, Cloudberry Kingdom would be happy to give me plenty of game to play. I knew that it could randomly generate levels of varying difficulty, but I was amazed at the extent of ways to customize this game. Oh, and the main character is voiced by Kevin Sorbo, and that alone is reason to love it.

Cloudberry Kingdom is out now for PS3, XBLA, and Personal Computers. You can get it on the Wii U August 1st, and in Fall 2013 for Vita, Mac and Linux.

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I love me some platformers. In fact I would say they're my favorite genre of video game, but something about Cloudberry Kingdom just doesn't appeal to me. There's something very sterile and plasticy about the visual in the actual game. The cut scenes look cool though! I'm not saying it's a bad game, it just seems to lack some polish.

I'll definitely give it a go if there's a demo, but I'm just biding my time until Rayman Legends.