Watch Us Kill For Weapons In This New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mode

I promised you a video of the new Arms Race mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so here it is.


The objective pretty much mirrors the game's other modes: kill the enemy team. But navigating the much more open area maps quickly makes you lose sight of anything team-based.


As you secure kills, you'll move up in levels and the game will instantly trade your gun for another. The first player who kills their enemy with every gun including the final weapon—a knife granted to you when you reach the last of the 26 levels—wins the round. Our video editor, Chris Person, rampaged through the Baggage map as seen in the video above, slowly moving through each new level's weapon all the way down to the knife. Take a look at Arms Race from the Terrorist's perspective above.

Arms Race is incredibly fast-paced. The idea was born from Counter-Strike's original Gun Game mod, and you've probably seen similar modes since then in the likes of Call of Duty titles. Instant respawn adds to the fast nature of the game, but you'll have to be careful for spawn campers. Or enemies who have idly wandered into your spawn point.

It's damn good fun, and particularly fulfilling if you can manage to be the first to pull off that last knife kill to win the round.

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Nice to see it in action! ^^ although I do remember the main challenge of a full online lobby of gun-game in CSS being that if you were killed, you went back down a level - and most of the levels chosen for gun games were tailored to make it as hectic as possible so there weren't campers.