Sea of Thieves is the latest game from developer Rare that was originally announced back in 2015 at E3. A current closed beta allows crews of four players to sail the seas in search of treasure. After playing a little with strangers, I decided to round up some of my fellow Kotaku staffers and face the open ocean.


Each member of a crew has their own job when getting from point A to point B. Sometimes there’s a hilarious frenzy when encountering other players in ship-to-ship combat that might find you boarding their ship and clashing swords. We did pretty well, if you overlook the numerous times we crashed into islands, fought sharks and panicked to keep our boat afloat. The good news is we’re really great at repairing our hull and emptying our ship of sea water now!

Check out the video above to see me, Riley MacLeod, Eric Van Allen, and Seung Park squad up, battle skeletons, dig up some treasure and fight tooth and nail to cash it in for sweet sweet gold.


Sea of Thieves is in closed beta until January 31st at 3am EST/12am PST for PC and Xbox One and also supports crossplay. The full game’s release date is slated for March 20th.

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