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Two Of The Top Men Behind The PS4 Talk About The Future Of PlayStation

Nothing like listening to a couple of original gamers reminisce and talk shop. Andrew House and Mark Cerny, two key players who helped bring the PS4 into existence with their respective expertise, sat down for a chat about all things PlayStation recently at the industry-focused Develop conference.


You can watch the whole thing in the video up top. House is the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Cerny served as the system architect for the PS4, so they provide a handy Yin and Yang perspective showing how the commercial and technical structures at play during each PlayStation generation influenced the consoles themselves and the games that ended up appearing on them. It's a wide-ranging conversation that touches on the early history of the PlayStation division (House likens it to a very small startup within a much larger company), the ever-present struggle of figuring out how to present video games as a legitimate form of entertainment, and the alternative versions of the PS4 that were tossed around before settling on the one that launched last December.

Note: The original headline of this post described House and Cerny as Sony execs. Cerny is, in fact, freelance and not on staff at Sony—not even while he was designing the PS4, amazingly enough. Apologies for the error.


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They never mention how they learned from been arrogant ie $600 lauch ps3, saying "I believe people would get a second job to get a ps3" they have came a long way in a few years