Watch Two Fighting Game Masters Punch with Words. (Not Really.)

They call one of them The Beast. The other goes by Skillian. Together, they represent the collective passion that have made the fighting game community one of the world’s most vibrant, and dedicated sets of game players. This past weekend, they talked about what it’s like to face off against someone else on a video game screen.


This past Saturday, New York University held the latest in its annual Spring Fighter game tournaments. After all the countering and super-moves were done, attendees got to listen to Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and Seth Killian talk about their careers in the fighting game arena. It’s a rare U.S. appearance by Umehara so if you’re a fan of The Beast, carve out about 40 minutes to watch this conversation.


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Mr Uppercut

My friend and I actually got a photo with Daigo last month at PAX. Nice guy!